Julius van de Laar is a political strategist and communications expert with strong campaigning experience. He has consulted politicians and political parties, non-governmental organizations and companies, developing strategies to achieve their goals: winning elections, advocating for issues, raising money, growing their membership and creating a movement.

During the 2008 and 2012 US Presidential elections, Julius van de Laar worked for Barack Obama's winning campaigns in nearly a dozen states. There, he focused on reaching voters and gaining supporters by combining conventional campaigning tactics with the latest new media strategies.

Since then, Julius van de Laar served as a senior strategist to Germany's Democratic Party, as well as candidates across Europe, providing advice on campaign strategy, messaging and digital media.

van de Laar is a frequent TV and radio analyst for current political events. He lectures at conferences and universities, gives workshops on campaigning and digital media and messaging and advises politicians and business leaders on strategic communication.

“Capital” magazine selected Julius van de Laar as one of the “Top 40 up-and-coming talents” in German politics.


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